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Vaidyam is an FMCG brand that seeks to connect people with the authenticity of nature by inculcating those vibes in the food. It identifies with the “Vaidya” and strives to provide holistic healing through food made of genuine ingredients and traditional processes. Vaidyam takes inspiration from the elements of the environment like the Sun, Light, Water, Air, and Purity as it aspires to provide veracity of nature in the food a person eats. Vaidyam is a brand started by two childhood friends, Mr Ratnesh Mishra and Mr Raj Vadrhan with the aim to bring the authentic taste of South Indian food to the whole country. Right when the first product, Idli Batter, was launched, Vaidyam got huge support and acceptance from the customer and market. This encouraged the founders to diversify the portfolio and make the country taste the authentic cuisine of the core of Indian culture. Since South Indian taste was geographically confined, the founders planned to take it to north India and, eventually take it to the ease of all the common households.



Making India taste the authenticity of the food and making traditional batter available to everyone.



To become a complete FMCG company with a diverse product portfolio and reach 20 million households in the next 5 years.